If you are interested in a new or used pickup truck, you might just find that a diesel engine is the best way to go. At Woody Folsom Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, you are going to have the chance to experience the largest selection of high quality diesel engine pickup trucks in the area in our new RAM inventory. Even though a diesel engine may cost you a bit more upfront when compared to gas, you are going to get a whole lot more in terms of performance.

When you are going to be sticking around your local area most of the time in your pickup truck, you just might want to have a diesel. Most people who have a lower average mileage will usually see quite a cost savings with diesel over gas. However, you always want to do a cost analysis of the amount of miles that you usually go through each year to give you a better estimation as to whether or not gas or diesel will be your best choice.

If you want to be able to pull a decent load, such as a trailer, you will always want to make a diesel engine truck your first choice. These trucks are going to give you optimal performance and power that will allow you to tow without a lot of added stress on your engine. For bigger payloads, think of going with a ¾ ton pickup truck.

For many consumers, it is going to simply be a matter of deciding diesel or gas. When you go with diesel, you will quickly see that Woody Folsom Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM has the largest and best selection of diesel engine pickup trucks around to suit your needs. Stop by for a test drive today.
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